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SJT Presale Information

Presale will run from 1st June 2024 to 31th August 2024

The official launch date for the crypto election project will be on 30th September 2024

Each wallet address can hold a maximum of 5% of the total token supply. Please use multiple wallet addresses if purchasing more than 5% of the total token supply

Presale Tokens Will be claimable on

  • 22nd September 2024 (50% of your token will be released)
  • 6th October 2024 (50% of your token will be released)


ETH 0 ETH 50
Raised : $ /$15,000
1 USDT = 250,000,000 SJT

Tokens can be claimed after the presale has ended

Please claim your tokens between the hours 0001-2400 Mountain Time (MT) on the specified dates, to avoid the 5% token transaction tax.

The first 50 wallets that purchase presale tokens will receive a unique, rare, and exclusive, airdrop NFT of
Franklin D. Roosevelt

How To Buy Presale Token

Step 1

Download Metamask Wallet

Step 2

Add Polygon (Matic) Network to Metamask Wallet

Step 3

Fund Metamask Wallet with Tether (USDT) or Matic Token

‘Note: If you are purchasing Matic on the ethereum network, for example, on Coinbase,, etc., please use a bridge to send your USDT or Matic tokens to the Polygon network. If you are using Moonpay, no bridge is required. Just ensure that you select either the Tether (Polygon) or Matic (Polygon) option and not the Polygon (ERC-20) option when purchasing your USDT or Matic tokens.’

Step 4

Click ‘Connect Wallet’ and choose one of the supported wallets

Step 5

Swap USDT or Matic token for the amount of SJT required

Step 6

Add token address to wallet to make tokens visible in Metamask UI


5% Buy/Sell Tax
2% Burn
1% Dispersed To Holders
1% Sent To Liquidity Pool
1% sent to Marketing/Development Wallet

Smart Contract Address/ Contract Info

Blockchain : Polygon

Contract Address


Burn Wallet Address

Auto : 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Manual : 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

Token Supply : 25 Trillion

Token Symbol : SJT

Token Decimal : 18

Initial Token Burnt : 10%

Locked Liqudity

Contract Audit Report

Token Allocation

45% to Liquidity pool

20% to project developer

10% Burnt

15% for presale to raise liquidity

10% to project Marketing/Development


What is SJT TOKEN?

SJT Token, short for Sleepy Joe Token, is a meme cryptocurrency inspired by Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States. As a meme token, SJT has gained popularity within the crypto community for its humorous reference to President Biden, often depicted in a relaxed or "sleeping" state. While SJT may not have any real-world utility or intrinsic value, it serves as a playful and entertaining addition to the growing landscape of meme tokens in the cryptocurrency market.

How do I claim my Tokens

Once the presale ends, you just need to connect your wallet and press the claim button. Once the transaction is complete, import the SJT token address into your wallet and you'll be able to see your tokens.

Which Blockchain network is SJT token on

SJT is built on the Polygon [Matic] network, leveraging its speed, low transaction cost, ease of use and compatibility with decentralized applications to create a seamless user experience

How do I purchase SJT token from Presale

All you need to do is connect your wallet and enter the amount of USDT or Matic tokens you would like to swap for SJT and press the buy button. 1 USDT or 0.01 Matic is the minimum amount required for purchasing presale SJT. Your tokens will become claimable at the end of the presale period

How Can I Store and Manage My SJT Tokens?

SJT tokens can be stored and managed in compatible cryptocurrency wallets. We recommend using wallets that support Polygon network, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Disclaimer :

The Sleepy Joe Token and Donald Hump Token was created for entertainment purposes only. This project is not affiliated or endorsed by either Joe Biden or Donald Trump


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